What goes around, comes around

Beitrag zur internationalen Ausstellung "ausgezeichnet - most excellent", Chemnitz, 2015

This work was inspired by both a journey through Germany towards the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in France and the book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, which I read whilst traveling through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Central Europe.
The truly affecting story of a single soldier contradicts my experience during my travels. There were monuments honoring the fallen soldiers who had died for their people and fatherland in nearly every town I travelled to. Most of the soldiers lost their lives in a gruesome way. The vessel as an everyday object cites the language of war memorials. Socially honored soldiers, worshipped by countless monuments, shall get a monument where they really are missing, where the honorable death is turned into a bitter loss: the living room of the bereaved.